Ad management

For superb results with the minimum time outlay. With Dashvertise, you have a full overview of the success of your Google Ads campaign at all times.


Individual dashboard

Get an overview of all of your Google Ads campaigns on just one dashboard.

Individual dashboard

Automated processes

Save time with automated processes during your Google My Business location management.

Automated processes

Integrated tools

Transparent performance and presence management thanks to integrated solutions.

Integrated tools

The administration tool 

for Google Ads and My Business

Individual dashboard

Identify problematical figures at a glance and monitor key figures in attractive diagrams.

Automated processes

Increase your efficiency and use automated processes to save time during your daily work.

Integrated systems

Ensure a transparent overview and benefit from embedded tools that simplify your performance and presence management.

Full data security

All of our servers are located in Germany – and the collection, saving and processing of data take place here in full.

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A personal, local point of contact for your content-related and technical questions. Our experts will be pleased to assist you!

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Keep the overview
with your individual dashboard

Do you manage several Google Ads campaigns and struggle each day trying not to lose your overview of them? Do you spend hours monitoring performance figures of each individual campaign, such as the budget consumption and quality factors? With Dashvertise you are able to bring together all of the information of relevance to you on a single dashboard. Make sure that you don’t lose sight of any important information – and see the campaigns that need to be adapted at a glance.

EN Dashboard

  • Rapid identification of problematic orders and campaigns

  • Graphical evaluation and adjustable threshold values

  • Account-spanning presentation of ads declined at Ads

  • Filtering of all views at the administrator and company level

  • Monitoring of your most important figures at a glance

Efficient ad management thanks

to automated processes

Routine tasks which are repeated every day cost a lot of time and are prone to error. With Dashvertise, these tasks are automated. Benefit from the simplified creation and editing of the campaigns, ad groups and keywords. With the two-way synchronisation, you can omit manual uploading and downloading – the changes are visible immediately in both Dashvertise and the Google Ads account. Use the daily budget management and plan in advance how much budget you want to spend and when – you therefore save time, as the daily budget doesn’t need to be set all over again each time. You also have the option of using the budget that you have not spent for the next month.

EN Automatisierte Prozesse

  • Simplified creation and editing of campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

  • Two-way synchronisation

  • Daily budget management with automatic campaign start and finish dates

  • Continuous creation of customer reports

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Transparent overview thanks

to integrated tools

Have you used a variety of tools for your ad management so far? Do you find yourself rapidly losing your overview? With Dashvertise, you benefit from integrated tools and ensure a transparent overview. Use the keyword generator to show different combinations of words. With the integrated website check, you can see which websites are unavailable at a single glance so that none of your ads come to nothing.

EN Integrierte Tools

  • Keyword generator for the creation of different versions

  • Website check to scan the URLs for their speed and availability

  • Embedding of Call Tracking and Google My Business

  • REST API for your existing customer portal

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